About Us

The Glam Shop has been created by SC Glamour and its Director Shahida Chaudhry. A Hair Stylist originally from Switzerland has created a stunning portfolio of Glamourous products. With over 20 years knowledge in the industry it was only right to create our a brand and a range of products which are affordable and exceptionally high quality and responsibly sourced. Now Lets get Glammed Up!


• Q: Who we are? A - A Growing brand which cares how important it is to look glamourous
• Q: Why you sell your items? - A: bored of substandard quality, Quality and perfection that's why we are here
• Q: Your experience and company history? - A: Over 20 years experience as a Hair Stylist, so we know hair
• Q: Where you are located - A: Located In Leeds if you want to visit our Salon to look and feel the hair or products